Get Involved

You don’t need to be a software developer to contribute to Pirk. A successful project requires many people to play many roles. Some members write code or documentation, while others are valuable as testers, submitting patches and suggestions.

We also highly encourage the involvement of algorithmic team members who provide algorithmic ideas and who may or may not participate in their implementation.


The team is comprised of Project Management Committee Members and Contributors. Members have direct access to the source of a project and actively evolve the code-base. Contributors improve the project through submission of patches and suggestions to the Members.

The number of Contributors to the project is unbounded - we would love for you to get involved. All contributions to the project are greatly appreciated!

Mailing lists

To start to get plugged into the project, please check out our mailing lists.


November 30, 2016. Data Science MD Meetup. Secure Queries with Apache Pirk.